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Hi, we are Amanda
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Our Latest Adventures


The Maasai Mara – Africa’s Crown Jewel

Kenya is not renowned as the land of safari for nothing. Apart from breathtaking scenery, miles of scorching white sandy beaches, welcoming people, numerous game


How to Plan Your Cheap Holiday to Europe

When you are planning a cheap holiday destination, you might want to see the beautiful attractions in Italy, Greece, Germany, France or Croatia. There is


Planning To Vacation In Japan

Visiting Japan can be like transporting yourself to another world. Life revolves around ancient traditions and the beauty of nature. Nagasaki Be sure to visit


What to Look for When Travelling in Mexico

Mexico is a hub of different interests and cultures. People who travel to Mexico will witness many rich and diverse cultures and entertainment. From museums



Toronto Travel Tips

One of my favourite vacation spots is Toronto, Canada. Coming from the city of Detroit, it is only about three and a half hours away.

Latest Travel Tips